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Cool Noma find, Briggs with PTO

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Found this last night in someone's trash. Also, grabbed the bag for it. Cleaned it up and got it running this morning. I have never seen a PTO on a Briggs. Especially, a 3.5 horse with a 22 inch deck. I usually fix and sell the mowers I find in the trash, but I think I might keep this one. It's pretty neat. It has a split handle at the top. One is for the engine start and the other one is for the self propelled. I have heard of Noma, but I thought they were only in Canada? Is Noma the same as MTD? On the ID tag it says it was made in the USA.

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They have had B&S with pto's for a lot of years, i think back into the 80's anyway, good find anyway, good luck.
Man I have not seen a cog drive in an a long time. When I was growing up , my neighbor had 3 of them. I remember the first one he put two engines on it. The self propeled was weird the way you engaged it. The frame for the cog drive went to the back of the deck and there was a place you pushed on it with your foot to engage and again to stop it.
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That brings back memories. Aint seen that old cog drive in years. Very cool.
When I was a kid those were quite common. It seems that most of them ended up losing the front drive hardware and were used as push mowers. The little PTO would end up just spinning but not powering anything. There must be a pervasive belief that lawn mowers have an expiration date like milk and must be discarded.
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That one appears to have one extra shaft but i had one once that had 2 side shafts one on each side to run the chains.
I had an Indian Chief that looked very much the same as that. It had a 3.5 briggs as well.
i know its wicked to have a PTO on a lil' briggs, you can find them on ebay for CHEAP
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