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converting manual lift to hdyraulic lift 222

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could anybody tell me if its possible to take a 1977 222 manual lift with hdy trans. and convert it to a hdy. lift. would it be expense to do buying used parts. and what all would i need to convert over.
im thinking about it converting over or just pick up a 222 w/o motor and swamp out motor to another 222 with hdy. lift.
just wanting to see if its worth it or just buying another mower.
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Yes it can be done and it's worthwhile doing if your tractor is a good one. Every now and then, I see a complete kit for sale on e-Bay. Savvy Sellers who part out Case tractors know that some folks want to make this upgrade so they set aside all the needed parts and offer the whole shebang for less than $100.00.

You should take a peek under your tractor to see if it left the factory with a single spool valve or the double spool valve. Some did, some did not. To do this conversion, the engine needs to come out because you have to get in there to install the lever and linkage. So does the battery and hydraulic tank. This is a good time to pressure wash all that crap that's lurking in that area, do a hydraulic oil change and install a new spider in the LoveJoy coupler.
If you want to try this, PM me as I should have the parts on hand for the swap.
To add the lever to the dash requires removing the engine. I did this to a tractor that had a manual lift. The parts to do it off ebay cost almost 100.00 but it is worth it,

If you want to try this, PM me as I should have the parts on hand for the swap.
I didn't have to pull the engine on my older 220, but I did take the pump off.

I think there is a little more room between the steering wheel and engine on the older 200's were the oil tank is in the front instead of under the battery.

Now to get the leaks to stop...
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