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Converting Kubota G4200 Manual to Hydrostatic

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I have a G4200 stick I've owned for 23 years & now have the opportunity to convert it to hydrostat. I need a little advise from you Kubota experts. I picked up a G6200H less the engine & from the best I can tell all I need to convert is either the propeller shaft for a 4200H or lengthen the existing shafts. Kubota list different part #s for the stick & hydro. Looks like the frame rails are pre drilled for either model & all of the extra mounts are in the right location. My plan is to take the differential from the 6200H & use the 4200 frame as the 6200 is a little on the rough side. Can anyone confirm my thoughts? Any advise?
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Old thread and a long shot but Did you ever finish the swap? Thinking of swapping my g3200 to hydro
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