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Converting Kubota G4200 Manual to Hydrostatic

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I have a G4200 stick I've owned for 23 years & now have the opportunity to convert it to hydrostat. I need a little advise from you Kubota experts. I picked up a G6200H less the engine & from the best I can tell all I need to convert is either the propeller shaft for a 4200H or lengthen the existing shafts. Kubota list different part #s for the stick & hydro. Looks like the frame rails are pre drilled for either model & all of the extra mounts are in the right location. My plan is to take the differential from the 6200H & use the 4200 frame as the 6200 is a little on the rough side. Can anyone confirm my thoughts? Any advise?
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Welcome aboard monte3280. Can't help you on the particulars but I can offer a few recommendations.

Take many pics of the 6200's linkages before you disassemble as they'll be your only guide. Generally theres quite a bit of difference especially in the speed control assembly's.

Worst comes to worse you can get the shaft extended by a good machine shop. Wonder if you could modify the shaft into a two piece type shaft that'll slide in or out to the correct length, sort of like a pto to implement drive shaft?

One thing to keep in mind when running a hydro is you've got to run at a higher rpm. This is not only to get enough power to the HST but to also keep it running cool.
But don't get me wrong, I definitely prefer a hydro :D
Good luck and keep us appraised of your porject.
Agree that'll it'll give you something to do when the cabin fever sets in :D
I'm building up a to-do list for the winter when I can take my machines off-line too.
Post your experiences with this project, we like tractor stories and pics around here :D
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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