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Converting from points to solid state; can it be done?

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I asked this in the small engine section too, but I am just trying to hedge my bets here too.

I am restoring a Power King 1612, it has the Kohler 12 hp (K301s). The engine starts and runs fine, but the points have to be tended to from time to time. I was just wondering if there was a way to convert from points to solid state, or electronic ignition.

I am no expert, (but getting better thanks to this site). I can usually fix what breaks and over maintain my equipment, but when it comes to modifications I am a little apprehensive.

I tried to do a search on Google, but most of what I found was for automotive, not 4 cycle. I figured this is not the first time someone has asked, or tried this, but again, not to good at finding a match to my question on this site. Any help, or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.:thanku:
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I also put that point saver module on from Kirk Engines and it runs perfectly. Never have to look at the points again. The points are still used but they are now only switching a very small milliamp amount of current to fire the transistor module. I installed a new set of points and believe they will last forever with this module. Plus you can use the built in LED to static time the engine to perfection.
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