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Converting automotive alternator to put out 48V?

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I figured that maybe some of the regulars in the generator forum could advise on this. Apparently (if you're an electronics whiz) it's fairly easy to get an automotive alternator to put out as much as 120VDC by modifying the voltage regulator. This could be very useful for charging large banks (48V, etc...) of batteries via an alternator coupled to a small engine. Has anyone seen a good FAQ out there of how to do this? I just don't know enough about resistors, diodes, make sense of it all without pictures or very detailed step by step instructions.
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Another possibilty-
A voltage regulator is basically a zener diode, if I re,pmember my electronics classes well enough (I probably don't....). If you find an alternator that you can remove the factory regulator, or possibly an alternator with no factory regulator, you could basically make your own VR from something like this. This would be the 30 volt version, pretty close to what you'd need. I've got to think a 48v wouldn't be far off. Otherwise, aren't some golf carts and such 48v? Possibly run the charger off an alternator's AC power and let the charger convert the voltage?

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