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I'm hoping someone out there has thought of this before. I have a small diesel powered Mitsubishi Garden tractor Model 372D with a rear PTO. I think it is around 15hp. I bought it used and it did not come with a mower. Having looked at the cost of a PTO driven deck I wonder if I could convert a belly deck to work as a rear mower. Hoping to save money and have a decent cut.

I am pretty handy, I have welding equipment and time. I'd just like to know if it's a good idea.
Any input and suggestions would be appreciated.

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No reason for it to be a problem. The hassle (IMHO) likely will be figuriing out/buying the mechanism to convert the horizontal rotation of the tractor pto to the vertical rotation the mower spindles need, that can stand up to the power needed to drive the blades.

If you have an existing vertical mower with enough power, you might consider using that instead of running it off the pto.
You might also consider using a belt setup like what is used by tractors with a vertical engine to run a snowblower, using several pulleys to get the belt to make a 90 degreee bend (which works well and can deliver more than enough power.

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Did it once.
Worked good.
Most importantly make sure it runs in the right direction as your pto. The one I converted didnt and had to get left handed blades. Also some gear boxes dont like being run in reverse.
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