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Converted King Kutter Rear Blade

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I bought this 5' rear blade last fall , didn't have time to get it fixed so I could use my HF quick hitch.. Brother in law started about 7:30 Monday morning and he was done by 10.
He cut both endcaps off at the factory down angles..Cleaned both endcaps then rewelded them just under the factory down angle.. Then he cut and welded in the small angles to give more support. Then we turned and lengthed the top link about 2-3 inches. Measured came up with app 4 1/2 or 5" for top side pieces... Father in law had a 1" bolt about 10" long so he burnt holes in each piece and welded in the bolt then cut off each side.. Now no need for top pin when using quick hitch.
Then he cut some metal and filled in both ends.. Very thin metal used on square tubing from factory..
After BIL was finished I took blade up to my place . Did very little grinding on his welds and then painted.. Had started to paint it all yellow very close to JD yellow.
I had 2 cans of JD Green rustoleum green.. So here is the end results.
While working on blade had to turn it over. I guessing a quart of water poured out of square tubing.
I'm thinking of drilling 1 if not 2 holes on the bottom of blade to help keep this from happening again or try and remember to turn blade completely over at least once a year..


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well done. looks purdy
Thanks for the replies !!
That looks really good. Thanks for the pics.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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