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JD 170 & 175
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I own a JD 175 hydro as well as a JD 170 with a busted 5-speed transaxle. The 175 runs, and I use it for cutting my lawn weekly, but I'm the 3rd owner and the previous owners have not been kind to it:
- all safety devices have been disabled
- cracked fender deck
- non-working fuel level sensor
- sloppy steering wheel/column
- very difficult steering.

My 170 has been in storage for 1 year, but to the best of my recollection, the steering is a lot tighter and easier, all safety switches are operational, and the fuel level sensor works.

I'm pondering pulling the fender deck and transaxle off the 170 and swapping in the 175 hydro unit. Then, I should be able to modify the 170 fender deck by drilling the hole for the transport lever.

There are differences in drive belt routing and no clutch on the 175, but I believe the frames are identical.

Looking at the parts diagrams for both, I might be better off repairing the crack in the 175 fender deck and using it. Looks like the brake mechanism will also have to be moved, as it has a neutral return feature.

Ideally, this will let me take the "best" parts from both tractors and keep 1 of them running a bit longer, whilst selling the other one for parts (hood, engine, etc.) and keeping a few items for spares.

However, it looks like a LOT of work, probably more work (but less money) than getting a new transaxle for the 170. Hmmmm...

So, has anyone ever done this before?


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whats busted in the 5 speed,i have a 175 and 180,i'd take the gearshift any day,those hydro's are crap and if it aint bad yet it will be,the 5 speed is much better and it never slips,i would look inside that case,they are easy to repair!
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