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Control valve fitting question

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We have a leak that appears to be from the hose coming off the control valve and running to the selector valve (add on) which selects the 3 point or deck lift.
Does anyone know what the oem fitting configuration is for those small fittings at the bottom of the control valve? It appears to be 1/4" npt male into the control valve and a 4 jic male to the hose end. But looking at the parts catalog it shows a o-ring at the control valve threaded fitting which would mean its not NPT but something else.
I am trying to avoid pulling the original fitting from the control valve as to not lose the new oil we just installed in the system recently.
Oh! Its a 1980 448 if that make a difference.:thanku:
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Pull the fitting. You aren't going to lose all your oil, just a wee bit as long as you don't move the implement lift lever out of the neutral position. Yes, it's an O-ring fitting and I believe it's a number 5 but the hose side of it should be JIC. If the hose is the problem, just remove it and take it to a hydraulics shop for duplication.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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