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Hi All,

I'm a homeowner and we just recently purchased a 7 acre farmette. The old weed eater trimmer that I've been trying to use to clear the fencelines just won't cut it--it started smoking last time I was using it, I think I may have overheated the bearings (if there are any) down at the trimmer head. Whatever the case, it just isn't working out for me. Considering it only cost me $20 at a flea market two years ago, and it's lasted this long, I think it's alright :) But I'm really ready for something that won't be a constant pain to use.

I thought I'd look around to see if I can get a "pro-grade" trimmer, since I use my trimmer pretty hard on this property. One thing I've found on Craigslist within reasonable driving distance is this Shindaiwa T242:

He's asking $175 and it comes with the brush cutter attachment. I sent him an email to try and get more info. Think that's a fair price for a two year old unit, assuming it's in decent shape? Also, if it can take the brush-cutter attachment, does that mean it's actually the T242X?

Thanks for any input!

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