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Conquest repairs

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I am new to the forum but have been very interested. I have an older Simplicity Conquest that I have about 350 hours on. I have Simplicity package 2690101 which includes a 44" deck. I also have a turbo, wheeled cart, and DR vac lawn vacuum. I use it primarily for spring and fall clean ups. I do my own maintenance, but so far that has been routine engine Maintenace.

I have had a lot of trouble with the turbo, but perhaps more on that later. I have it in my garage this winter so I can work on it. In checking the
Bumper Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Composite material

mower deck, it is clear that the spindles need help. I am about to order new spindles, washers. and some of the pulley hub pieces. I have not fully disassembled it yet. Any advice before I get too deep?


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I also feel that those are not the correct blades. The out of balance blades will create vibration along with premature wear on the spindles, IMO.

I don't know if you could cut 3/4" OD pipe or tubing to fill the gap, anything to center it on the spindle would have to help. It's really hard to believe that Simplicity, known for their cut quality would put out a product with fitment like that.

Your spindle is being ruined with the excess play, you may want to consider replacing the spindles and fastening hardware. If they were engineered with the option of this much play, they were poorly engineered IMO. If you do not want to replace the spindle and hardware, I would look for adding a spacer, bushing to fill the void, it would need to be 5/8" ID, 3/4" OD or .675 and .750. A piece of 3/4" OD tubing would probably work with an 1/8" wall thickness, cutting this on a stationary metal band saw should be doable or use a metal lathe would work. I don't think a Ridgid Pipe Cutter would work with so little material to work with.

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Second that.

Thanks for coming back and posting what the problem turned out to be.

12" miter saws also use an arbor insert, reducing from 1" to 5/8", always have to have a spare and an extendable magnet to fish it out of the sawdust.

I was trying to get that picture you posted above opened in something I could draw on it with.
You can see part of where the shoulder used to be in your picture.

I have a gas cut off saw that uses 14" blades.
Common hole size in 14" diamond blades, .75" or 1"
They make a bushing that is thinner than the blade that bushes that 1" hole down to .75" to fit on the saw so you can use either blade.
Bad thing, those bushings are small, so if you take them off you have to have a special place for them, and you have to put them in the correct place when you remove them or you never find them again.
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