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Conquest repairs

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I am new to the forum but have been very interested. I have an older Simplicity Conquest that I have about 350 hours on. I have Simplicity package 2690101 which includes a 44" deck. I also have a turbo, wheeled cart, and DR vac lawn vacuum. I use it primarily for spring and fall clean ups. I do my own maintenance, but so far that has been routine engine Maintenace.

I have had a lot of trouble with the turbo, but perhaps more on that later. I have it in my garage this winter so I can work on it. In checking the
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mower deck, it is clear that the spindles need help. I am about to order new spindles, washers. and some of the pulley hub pieces. I have not fully disassembled it yet. Any advice before I get too deep?


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Allen, I don't have a Simplicity, but if I interpret your pic and comments correctly, that blade hole is much larger than the spindle's mounting. If a bolt and washer hold it on, it will still allow for a lot of shifting around under the load of cutting grass. The wear pattern on the surface of the blade implies that is happening.

In this pic of your pic, is the "slop" you described that gap where the red arrows point? If so there is something wrong here. You might check with a couple blade manufacturer web sites, designate your model, and see what the "correct" blades look like? Most will also have specs listed that will show both the size and shape of the blade mounting hole. It is also possible that if this is a used machine, that someone used incorrect replacement spindles and blades.

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Do you have the hex washers that are part of the blade mounting hardware? It looks like it fits the hex end of the spindle shaft. That plus a cupped washer and nut apparently are required. However, I don't know enough to say for sure how this would account for the difference in blade hole size vs the spindle. The back side of the hex washer might have a bushing machined in to take up any gap. Can't find a pic of the back side to see for sure.

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#23 is the bolt, #22 is the spring washer, and #21 is the hex washer.
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My JD 48" deck uses a round hole blade mounting with a spring washer but the blade hole is the same size as the spindle shaft. The spring washer then is only there to provide friction to resist the blade from spinning on that shaft. It does not have to resist a shifting around from a gap on a smaller shaft.

Hopefully someone on MTF has this same Simplicity 44" deck/blade arrangement and can offer advice.
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Can you post a clear close up of the end of the spindle shaft without the blade? Might help to see how this all goes together. I'd think there should be a 3/4" shoulder machined into the spindle end to fill the blade hole, THEN the whole spring washer set up would make more sense. Otherwise, how on earth would anyone be able to center that larger blade on the shaft even if the spring washer were enough to hold it in place?
Hope was that the spindle end has a 3/4" shoulder on it to fill that blade hole. The diagram I found really doesn't show any other parts that might center the blade on the end of the spindle shaft.. Agree with CCMoe, design hardly seems like a good one.
Found this 1713195 part pic on EvilBay. From the looks of this used part, there is a round shoulder below the hex where a correctly sized round blade hole could register properly. Then the hex nut presses on the blade via the mounting bolt and spring washer to secure it. Pics of the mounting end of this particular part are hard to find and the one below isn't the greatest either but it appears to show a round shoulder below the hex near the red line.

From OP's original pic, I'm starting to think the same as Newsman, that the blades he has are not correct for the spindles used. Alternatively, perhaps his spindle does have a 3/4" shoulder on it below the hex, and would register the blade position properly if it is fully installed. He should measure that shoulder on his to see if it is close to 3/4".

A good close up of OPs spindle end without the blade in the way should show if his has the round shoulder below the hex like this Ebay pic:

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Good member there, posting his outcome so all can learn from it. Thanks AllenT!!
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