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Connecticut 4-Town Fair [Pics]

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Just wanted to post some pics from a local fair that was this weekend (same location as the gravely mow-in this year). Lots of hit-and-miss engines on display. drove the 8xl in the parade, it was a lot of fun

Grease Monkey's Farmall Cub

willtractors101's Sears 10XL

My Sears 8XL

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Where was this held? I live in North Eastern Ct. on the Mass R.I. Line in Thompson I'm new to tractors and never heard of $ town Fair I'm looking to connect with other local Garden Tractor people.
its at the 4-town fairgrounds on egypt road in somers, ct :fing32:
Nice looking machines. Thanks for posting the pictures, Hugh.
I was there yesterday :fing32:
That looks like a very nice turn out of tractors and engines.
I really liked the old grader.
did you see the parade?
No,got there too late.VERY big fair this year!Most people i ever seen there.
Some years ago, i took some steel scrap to the local scrap yard. Inside one of the buildings, where we'd unload, there sat a vertical engine, just like the red one in the picture! It needed some Tlc, so i asked if i could buy it. The man in charge said i could not, as it was doomed to be cut up that day. RATS!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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