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My '53 Ford Jubilee tractor has a model 104 backhoe attachment. It was made by Cone Machine in Windsor VT under license from Pippin.
It is a 4 lever model and has a selector valve that switches the right hand control lever from swing, to controlling the out riggers.
The selector valve is worn out and leaks like a faucet, internal and external.
Have not been able to find a replacement and it's getting unusable. Pippin part # is P5801, the picture shows everything you can read from the serial tag. It is a 4 position spool valve.
I would really appreciate any information , thanks.


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There are O-ring seals at each end of the spools that are supposed to keep the fluid from leaking to the outside world. Remove the covers at the rear of the spools and the linkages from the front of the spools so they can be removed to access those O-rings.

There is a clearance around each spool for lubrication and so the spool can be shifted. With a clearance comes a certain amount of internal leakage. Valves usually last several thousand hours before wear becomes a problem. The O-rings wear out a lot quicker.
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