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cone clutch problems

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bought a 7117 today and when you engage the pto the pully shakes back and forth no way is the belt going to stay on more pics coming i have to leave for work now.


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Sounds to me like part of the clutch lining is missing or the bearings are bad at the pulleys. Really nice looking 7117 looks like a series I in there. Unless it`s had a SB put in. Id say 81 0r 82 did anything else come with it like tiller ?? Dave
I have seen guys rebuild them themselves and not put the shim washers in and do that...
I had one relined at a brake clutch shop years ago, wasn't very exspensive. The 917 I just sold had the cone clutch worn out on it too. I called the same place again, can't remember what they told me but it was less than 75.00. I passed the info to the fellow that bought mine. I nocked off 50.00 when he bought it.
A new cone clutch is about 80 bucks...
if the pulley is jumping about it is likely the bearing in the pulley is shot. You may or may not have to reline the clutch cone. I relined mine which was burned out due to a bad pulley bushing (earlier model). I use a strip of leather out of an old dress belt and glued in the clutch cone with contact cement. That was three years ago and it is still going strong. If it ever needs relining again I will use leather. $80 for a new cone is just a bit steep when the relining works well.
Definitely a problem there. I don't see how the clutch lining is causing the pully to shake, sounds like a bad bearing. If it damages the output shaft on the Bevel Gear Box, you will have a lot to replace. It's fairly easy to remove the PTO and inspect it, I would ASAP.
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