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Condensation inside hour meter for 350x series instrument panels

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I have a 2 year x350 and i noticed the other day there is condensation inside the panel that tells me the hours. Does anyone know if that is covered under warranty? if not is an easy fix?
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Condensation is a common problem in many climates, especially for machines stored outdoors.

I would call the dealer as it is still under warranty and they should fix it, but it likely will happen again. I would wait till I needed the machine to go to the dealer and could be without it for an extended period of time.
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There's nothing you can do about it. My X500 just has the tiny hour meter on the dash and it fogs up at times despite the machine always being stored indoors. With newer models with the large LCD display panel are going to be even more prone to condensation. The dash on my 2720 compact tractor fogs up also and it too is always stored indoors.
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It seems to be a JD problem as noted on this site many times.
My X500 had this since new. It has never been stored outdoors or even soak by rain while cutting, yet, it still fogs up. It dries up after a while when shut down.
265 hours now and the hour meter still works fine.
It's not just a Deere problem. My 2008 X500 does it, as well as my 2014 Kubota BX25D. If I leave them sitting out on a hot sunny day they will gradually clear up, but after the next cool night that creates dew on the grass they get condensation again.
+1. My 2017 X394 has this too. I usually see it in the Fall when the weather cools off and it's just dark enough outside for the lighting inside the gauge to be effective and highlight the "fog" in the gauge. Tractor is kept in the garage, so where you keep it doesn't change anything.
Yep, put a new meter in my 57 Ford 641 and in days it was all fogged up. It did live outside.
Some meters are better sealed than others. It is a common problem on the ones Deere uses.

The dash on my X749 was really bad. I took it partially apart when I replaced the tilt parts on the steering. I dried it out in the house and then put a bunch of silica packs behind it. This should help it keep the condensation away for some time. But, it doesn't help the water spots from the condensation that was there. I didn't want to take it all apart, since all the needles still work.
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Just an FYI, you sometimes get things you buy that have a little white bag inside. That’s a desiccant bag. It absorbs moisture and can be rejuvenated be heating it up like in the oven, giving off the moisture it has absorbed. Best I can recall, somewhere around 150*F. You can put them inside a cluster without affecting anything. Maybe try one if you happen to have the glass off one. Unfortunately, most displays are barely sealed or not at all so the air can exchange to avoid condensation. Partly because the air cooling inside a display creates a vacuum that will draw in any water that gets on a point where the air does go through and gets sucked inside. Often to never escape again. One of the military electronics tests is to heat the part up, then dunk it into cool water, without failing. It’s for the same purpose.
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