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Compression ons small Kawasaki?

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I've a small Kawasaki generator, can anyone tell me what the compression should be?

I've got 25psi now.

Thanks for any help!
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It could be a Kawasaki has a compression release like a Briggs or Tecumseh does,and that'll make getting any readings using a compression tester impossible,if it does..
I assume they do,as an engine without one can be difficult or impossible to turn over..I have an H60 Tecumseh,that had a defective compression release ,that is a spring loaded flyweight on the cam,that holds the exhaust valve slightly open while cranking to let it spin over more easily..I busted the rope off several times trying to start it,it was SO hard to pull over!..I tried a compession tester,and it had 90+ lbs compression..then after I replaced the cam with another with a properly working compression release,I tested the compression again,I got 35 lbs for a I'd say your engine might be OK with "only" 25 lbs compression showing,if it has a compression release that is working!...Briggs says to "rapidly spin the flywheel in the oppsite direction of normal rotation" to check the compression,"if it rebounds sharply,compression can be considered sufficient"..dont take it apart for nothing!...
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