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Ok I've been wanting to put together and compare the major different gravely blowers. The main 4 styles I'll say, dog eater, deluxe, Ma, and areins style blowers


Here was I kicking off knowing what I knew. Never haveing used 2 of them

Today I was finally able to have a day off of work with snow, a warm enough day for me to want to horse around, and 3 was to have everything running and operational. Also finally haveing some hours on all the blowers now.
DSC04133.JPG If you walk out your shop door to this its a bit scary. Checking fluids, airing up tires

DSC04134.JPG Area selected to snow blow all warmed up and ready to work. Had some small carb issues, but pretty honest I feel


Vid on my test today. My honest 2 cents, they all have there place. A dog eater is good with hp. For tight places, hands down the deluxe, or areins is your friend. If wide open areas a Ma or square chute are good. If I had to pick one it would all depend on your citation.
Anyhow enjoy see what you think. Hope it helps somebody out down the line
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Thanks Steve! Good stuff!

Your conclusion more or less matches my experience. The deluxe definitely didn't throw as far as the 110 or the 210, and did seem to clog more, though yours worked better than I remember mine working. The ariens unit also has a tighter bend in the chute, and a smaller impeller, so didn't throw as far. Curious: Did you ever point the chute on the deluxe to the left? My memory is it throws better to the right.

The thing which jumped out at me from your vid is how far the 110 would throw. I used to run one of those, and it worked ok, but not like that. I suspect the difference was that I was powering it with an LI. I think you hit it, you need extra HP. The result you got on that 524 (after you tightened up the clutch) was pretty impressive.

I'm happy with my cannons, esp as I've got areas to clear, and lots of woods to throw the snow into. It's good to know the other blowers are also capable.
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