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Compact or sub-compact

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First "Official" post here so take it easy on the newb.

Bachelor days are over. I got married, bought a house, and sold my toy ATV for a tractor. The uses I intend to use it for don't justify the purchase of a garden tractor.

Our house has just over 8 acres, of which hopefully this summer we'll have 1-1.5 acres of grass. We share a private gravel road with 2 other neighbors, which it is our responsibility to maintain the road (i.e., snowplow and regrade). This road is approx. 1/8 mile. On top of that, our house needs significant landscaping improvements. Everything from tree removal/bucking, retaining wall building, loaming, etc.

Those are the 3 main purposes we intend to use the tractor for, which I see the need for a tractor with a mower, loader, grader, and possibly a plow. Later, I could forsee a 3 point generator and a wood splitter. I've looked at the Kubota BX2360 and B2300 along with the Deere 1023e and 2320. Each dealer I've spoken with hasn't tried to sell me the more expensive tractor. They've instructed me to do some more research and discuss with others to better match the tractor for my needs.

Another question I have is skidsteer attachment interchangeability? can attachments like pallet forks, oversized buckets, etc. be mated to a FEL?
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I ended up going with a Kubota B2320. It was a $500+ price difference over the BX 2360 and a $1900- difference over the JD 2320.
Great choice! I just noticed this thread, and as I was reading through it (before I got to your announcement), my thought was the B2320 would almost be ideal for your purposes.

I think you will be VERY pleased with that unit. One thing many folks don't realize, is that the B2320 has the same engine as the BX2660. It has a lower HP (23 vs 25.5), because they rate the engine at a lower RPM in the B. But it has more torque than the 2660's version, and it is making the power at a lower rpm (quieter!), so in my opinion it is the better of the two configurations for that 1.0 liter engine.

If you get a chance, throw up some photos. We'd all love to see it. Serious congrats!
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