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I don't see these replacing traditional gas equipment any time soon honestly. Gas is the industry standard, and will probably remain so for a long time.
What's the MSRP on those things?

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I know the 60 inch ZTR is almost $20k.

I think the 48 stander with the blower is like 14-15k.

They are made in the USA too!

This is from their FAQ

Question: Why should I purchase your CXR-60 mower over a gas zero turn mower?

The most compelling reasons to purchase our CXR zero turn mower are: Low noise, zero fuel and oil costs, zero emissions, and status that you made a move toward going "green".

Our mowers are about 1/2 the noise of typical gas zero turn mowers (less disturbance for workers and/or students).

Our LEMs last about 1500 charging cycles and last 10-15 years (you should never need to replace these batteries within the first 10-15 years - or the life of the mower). With just 2ea of the LEM80s, you could mow about 3000 hours. In fuel savings alone, this would save about $18,000.00 for the life of the mower and batteries (LEMs). 4ea LEMs would save about $36,000.00 in fuel over 6000 hrs of mowing. No oil changes, no air filter changes, no spark plug changes, no hydrostatic transmission oil to change, etc would save thousands more.
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