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Commercial Lineup

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They aren't all pretty, they need work, most of them, but they're tough as nails and these alone will keep me busy and happy restoring, repairing and tinkering for quite a while.

Left to right, here's the rundown:

Jacobsen uncloggable, unstoppable, incredibly thick and heavy cast deck, Subaru engine...worthy of being in this picture.

C21ZPR, 1969 6252 (almost ready for paint, I partially assembled it so it could be in the picture, 6255 from Canada, 6431, 8431, 6257 w/ remote air filter, incorrect handle-soon to be added metal carb essentially making it a 6259, and finally an 8401 that needs a new hat. Anybody that has one for sale please PM me, doesn't need to be mint, can be from a JCP model too.

These are my favorite models, the tough ones. I wanted just one of them when I started gathering Lawn Boys and now I have enough to last me a lifetime. Of course, I want just one more...

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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