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Commercial Lineup

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They aren't all pretty, they need work, most of them, but they're tough as nails and these alone will keep me busy and happy restoring, repairing and tinkering for quite a while.

Left to right, here's the rundown:

Jacobsen uncloggable, unstoppable, incredibly thick and heavy cast deck, Subaru engine...worthy of being in this picture.

C21ZPR, 1969 6252 (almost ready for paint, I partially assembled it so it could be in the picture, 6255 from Canada, 6431, 8431, 6257 w/ remote air filter, incorrect handle-soon to be added metal carb essentially making it a 6259, and finally an 8401 that needs a new hat. Anybody that has one for sale please PM me, doesn't need to be mint, can be from a JCP model too.

These are my favorite models, the tough ones. I wanted just one of them when I started gathering Lawn Boys and now I have enough to last me a lifetime. Of course, I want just one more...

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They're really not that great looking, not all of them anyway. Some are in the midst of a long slow resto and some need a little o' this n' that but they are good solid built machines. Except the deck on the 8431 which might have been used somewhere in Wisconsin to mow around a swiss cheese a replacement deck already waiting.

Thanks for looking though guys. I'm pretty happy with them and once I make a million dollars I'll retire and do nothing but restore and perfect them and the other 85 I'll have by then...
Yes ODF and yes TW, those are the ones you guessed correctly. The 6257 I picked up from Ron is awesome.It runs very well and plows through whatever. The 6252 from Croc is in the middle of a S L O W resto. I figured it deserved to be in the family photo though. It's coming along, the motor is together and clean. Needs a coil and some paint yet is all. I even have nos orange wheels and a mag chute waiting for it!
Thanks for all the nice comments, I was pretty shocked once I realized how many commercials I actually had. Haven't looked them over in a bit.
ODF, you made the right choice. The '57 is a prime/pull/pull/pull/chug/chug/chug/chug...well, you get the picture, I need to go through the carb and also replace the seals and there is a bit of vertical play in the crank also. It's a good pallete and has plenty of potential of course but I think you took the right one.

I picked up that remote air filter NIB from that guy in ST Louis with the huge amount of stuff. I think all LBs should have something like that after seeing some of the innerds of them coated in grass and dirt sucked around and through the low filters. Wish I was crafty enough to fashion something like it from scraps and a vacuum hose.

Thanks Mhdi22, I have a regular sized lawn, maybe even a very small one in comparison. Definitely not big enough to justify all these great machines, but I love them anyway. I have a 100x140 lot here split in half front and back by a fence (the gate isn't big enough to drive a rider through) and a 2 story house that has a small foot print so it's heck to mow with a rider. I'd spend more time turning around than mowing it seems. On the other hand, when I'm done mowing with a pusher, I know I've done a little work. It's right in between.

And Brad, the garage/shop is my brother's. He's kind enough to let me keep them and work on them in an unused/vacant shop so it works out great, until he finds a (paying) tennant! And it's basically in my back yard, about 100 yds from my place. I keep the inside clean and the outside mowed, so it's a win/win situation. :fing32:

Thanks again for the compliments guys, I just hope to get back to work and get some time to do them all justice. I have been working like crazy flipping mowers I find and working a part time job to save the collection of my favorite and cherished machines. I have about 20 +/- I couldn't part with unless it came down to them or the poor house I guess...and if the poor house has a garage, well...:trink40:
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