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Comm 10 vs 10A

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I have a friend a few hours from me looking at an ad for a Comm 10. Are there any sure ways other than the belt drive starter to determine if it is an A or not? Did the 10s have swifty axles or just single axle speeds? Would a regular 10 be a good grass mowing machine even though it is a bit faster? He has a few Ls but wants some thing to push a 40" on a hill at his house that he does not feel comfortable riding on his tractor.
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The Comm10 has a swifty axle like most other comm series tractors. Some of them also had the older style narrow split rims. They are a great lawn mowing and snow plowing machine but for most other work they are to fast.
My Comm 10 is SN J1018. It is just as described as above: swiftmatic, split rims. I use mine for mowing with a sulky and 30" deck and this season I actually plowed snow. I do have 2 rotary plows but have yet to mount and use. I do not have "lawn" per se but some rough terrain covered in natural grasses for this altitude and rainfall. I cut the grass to minimize the wild fire hazard. I can do most of it while on the sulky and in high/high. I have removed most of the rocks so I can cover most of the area without too much trouble.

I will probably be corrected but it appears that when the modifications were made for the 10A, Gravely went with the internal charging and bendix type starter. Is that correct, guys? It's what the Comm 10 and Comm 10A manuals show. I have both because when my dad acquired this machine 35 years ago, he did not know what he had. :) :dunno:

I have another thread about a problem I had recently. It may be useful to you.
They also reduced the speed of the machine to. The original gravely engine turned at 2600rpm and the kohler K-241 turned at 3600rpm and on the commercial 10 gravely still used the older planetary gears so it would go very fast and some people call it a "run behind". On the commercial 10A Gravely used planetary gears that reduced the speed back to normal levels.
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