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Comm 10 vs 10A

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I have a friend a few hours from me looking at an ad for a Comm 10. Are there any sure ways other than the belt drive starter to determine if it is an A or not? Did the 10s have swifty axles or just single axle speeds? Would a regular 10 be a good grass mowing machine even though it is a bit faster? He has a few Ls but wants some thing to push a 40" on a hill at his house that he does not feel comfortable riding on his tractor.
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I agree with Richard. Transverse mowing of a steep hill with any of these machines is a bad idea. The late model G is the best suited do to its wider rear track width, but anything steeper than a 20 to 30 dgree slope is simply dangerous.

Steering a walk behind of any model across such a slope seems dangerous to me.

I only have two small but faily steep slopes in my yard. I have always mowed the going up or down, mostly down. And with my three can bagger/vac even that REQUIRES front wheel weights.

The milder of the two can be mowed transversely but it is not fun. It will be interesting to see if the slopes are handled better now that I have rear wheel weights as well. I plan to leave them on and see how/if they effect mowing this summer.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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