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Comm 10 vs 10A

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I have a friend a few hours from me looking at an ad for a Comm 10. Are there any sure ways other than the belt drive starter to determine if it is an A or not? Did the 10s have swifty axles or just single axle speeds? Would a regular 10 be a good grass mowing machine even though it is a bit faster? He has a few Ls but wants some thing to push a 40" on a hill at his house that he does not feel comfortable riding on his tractor.
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My advice is to mow downhill on the steepest portions. Transversely mowing is tough no matter what tractor is used. On the 816 I kept sliding out of the seat. Because I was holding onto the steering wheel to keep from sliding completely off the tractor, steering control was severely compromised.

My father partially rolled an SC on the hill with a 30" deck and dual wheels.

The 4 wheel tractor seems to be more stable when mowing transversely but if it does roll, there is a greater risk of injury or worse.

The hill that was at my fathers place was so steep that none of the gravelys could climb it. I tried both the SC and the 816 both equipped with chains. I tried going forward and backward up the hill and neither would climb it. I just could not get enough traction. Even mowing downhill was a bit tricky at the very steepest portion of the hill. About 20% of the time one tire would lose traction and the tractor would go down the hill and could not be stopped until both rear tires gained purchase again. It is weird to look down and see one tire rotating forward and the other rotating backwards.

Now if my father had axle extenders on his SC, then that might have resolved the issue, but in the end, mowing downhill was the safest and least expensive solution.

I think that a 8000/G series could be outfitted with the necessary stuff to mow transversely on a hill safely but that would be a bit expensive and make the tractor a bit ungainly. I would think that a ROPS, duals, wheel weights, filled tires, a seat belt or 3 point harness and that should take care of it.

The next question is what to do if it does roll? If there is no means of uprighting such a tractor in the event of a roll then it is all for naught anyway.
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