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A few days ago I scraped out an old Troybilt LT. That left me with a Briggs Vtwin hanging from the Hoist. I was straightening up the garage while I tried to figure out what to do with the engine. I need to take it to the car wash and clean the block up before I put the cover back on it. Then I'll want to run it a few minutes to get some of the moisture out of it. I have an extra pressure washer frame so I got it to move the engine around on and thought I would drill some holes and bolt it down. I made a pattern using a riding mower frame and drilled the holes. When I started to put the bolts in the muffler pipes were hitting part of the frame. Sawzall and a metal blade took care of that and some of the pan so the muffler would clear. I keep an old Tecumseh push mower tank in the garage to use as a gravity feed test tank, I bungeed it to the handlebars. I think this will work better than my usual method, clamping the engine to a piece of plywood on some saw horses. If the stand doesn't
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work I'll throw it in the dumpster, that's where it was headed anyway.
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