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Clutch Problem

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Clutch on 2350 (5500 hours) is beginning to slip... what's the likely cost of repair? Years ago, I replaced a clutch on a Triumph GT6, but that was a light little car. I assume that this is a dealer required repair? Any advice is appreciated...
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The 2350 had several clutch options so prices for parts will vary. There are serial number breaks, single stage, dual stage, ... A clutch replacement is possible for do-it-yourselfer if you have a way to support front and rear while splitting in two to access clutch. You should plan to replace the clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing. At a dealer, the parts will run from $800 - $1500 depending on what setup you have. They will probably charge from 10 to 15 hours for the labor depending on cab, no cab, loader or no loader, mfwd or not. Flywheel will need resurfacing. Machine shop rates vary greatly. Expect anywhere from $75 to $150 for that service. You also might need a rear crankshaft seal while you have the tractor split.

With all that said, are you sure you need a clutch? If it is an open station tractor, you should have some free travel in the pedal. Lengthening the rod attached to the clutch pedal will give you more free travel. You should have about an inch of free travel.
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I don't seem to have the free travel... I'll try lenthening the rod and see what happens. Thanks for the advice!
TK, if lengthening the rod dosen't work & you need a mechanic near Nashville, there is a good one in Lebanon that i have used, nowhere near as expensive as a dealer & does honest work.
Being a JD, it naturally cost more:crybaby: The last clutch i had rebuilt cost me around $700, that was in the mid 90's though.

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