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Clutch issues

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I seem to be having some clutch issues with our Massey Ferguson 175. I recently tried using it to move an old chevy pick-up to the back of our field. I started the tractor, let it warm up, boomed up the bucket released the brake, push the clutch all the way down set the right shifter to low and tried going to reverse, just grinding, tried first just grinding. Pulled the right hand shifter to neutral, was able to go into reverse, put it in low and it just takes off with the clutch still all the way depressed.

The transmission was low on hydraulic oil...

Edit: My dad recently used it last week to move some bails and he said it was running and working fine then, any ideas?
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Some times if you have oil leaking from the rear seals the clutch will stick to the flywheel and cressure plate. NBoramlly they will break free after a little running.
So you think adding hyd/tranny oil to it and letting it warm up( and perhaps playing with the bucket may break it lose? I mean the dipstick pretty much had nothing on it
Sorry to hear you are having problems with your MF175 clutch.
In a 'past life' my family ran Massey's starting with the Massey Harris and then MF65's, 175, 168 and finally an 1155.
In my experience loader work can sometimes be 'hard' on farm tractor clutches.
Usually though this results in a slipping clutch rather than a stuck one!
While it is good to check and top up the transmission fluid level if it's low, I don't believe that would have an effect on the clutch as such.
Can you describe what the clutch feels like when the pedal is depressed? Is it firm or soft?
Can you distinguish the two stages as you press down on the pedal?
Is there a clearance gap between the housing and the arm attached to the clutch shaft that comes through the side of the bell housing when the pedal is first pressed and before you can feel any resistance?
If you can respond to the questions above I can try and help if possible.
While it is now some time ago, I used to do all of the servicing and lot of the mechanical work on the Massey's including the clutch adjustments right through to splitting the rear end and engine rebuilds etc.
Best wishes and good luck,
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