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Clutch for a 1 1/8" shaft

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I am building a Kart with my son. We picked up a Tecumseh OH180 engine with the intentions of using it as the engine. It has a 1 1/8" shaft. All of the Kart clutches that I have found are no larger than 1" shafts. What are my options and what is the safest & cheapest way to accomplish this? Thanks!
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We had an old kart about 15 years ago and clutches were way to expensive for our budget. It had a belt between the engine an jackshaft with an idler pulley. Then a chain between the jackshaft and axle.
I saw that clutch above but am not in a position to spend that kind of money! I have pretty much concluded that I will have to go with Shryp's idea, putting a smaller clutch on the jackshaft.
That could work too. My idea was use an oversized belt on the engine to jackshaft with a tension idler connected to the clutch pedal. Similar setup to a snowblower or other OPE.

Obviously in this case it would be opposite. Release to tighten and push to loosen.

I think we had a piece of rope tied to the front of the frame we could loop around the clutch pedal to hold it down. Not the safest setup, but we never had a problem.
Did not think of that- not bad- I will have to mull it over~ wouldn't have to worry about burning up clutches!
You can find centrifical clutches with bores as large as 1-7/16" for industrial engines like those used on reefer body truck compressors,but be prepared to drop a big wad of cash for one!..unless your lucky enough to find one at a scrapyard or something..

I liked the go-cart I had with a belt driven jackshaft that had a chain driving the rear wheel...with that setup I could "pop the clutch" and do awesome burnouts and dounuts,get faster take offs,etc,than the "slip & slide" centrifical clutch..I set mine up with two different sized pulleys ,so you could move the belt to the other ones for a lower gear ratio,for when I drove the cart off road,for better hill climbing..a 5/8" belt works best and lasts longer than a 1/2" one..
The only other option is to either turn down the crank or bore out the clutch. I had a simular problem with a Troybilt tiller. The pulley set up was for an engine with a 3/4" shaft. I had a nice 8HP briggs just rebuilt but it had a 1" shaft. I ended up finding another engine. Good luck!!
why dont you change the crank to accept the 1 inch ?
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