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Clutch adjustment and how to change brake pads

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I have what I THINK is a 1997 model 46379 Garden Tractor (no sticker) B&S is a 96. Can anyone give me a Service Manual post on the proper way to change brake pads and also maybe a parts drawing/list of the way everything is supposed to be setup behind the arm that attaches to the spring. I think I am missing a piece that is behind the arm that will push the two little plungers in, I am not sure if the arm does it or if something is missing. Also I need the proper way to adjust the clutch. The problem I have is when I am on a hill, I don't know if it is the brakes or clutch but when I stop it will hold itself in place but I can't change gears at all and that is not good when you are in a tight place pointed uphill grill almost against a fence and cant shift to reverse. It works fine on level ground and there seems to be a lot of slack in the belt when the brake is set. I have adjusted the brakes by the post BBY sent me and then took everything apart and cleaned everything up but still not good brakes going downhill and will bind up the shifter when I stop going uphill. Thanks in advance to everyone.


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Glad you got it worked out. Looking foward to that Murray working the land..........
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