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Hey folks,

Was doing some maintenance on my diesel B414 yesterday and checked the coolant to make sure it was strong enough for the cold winter months.

When I used the tester and pulled some up into it to take a reading, I found the coolant was now cloudy instead of a nice clear green. I could still see where the floating needle moved to but it did make it harder to see.

I just dumped out the coolant last year, rinsed it out, and put a fresh 50/50 pre-mix that I bought at the store so I expected it to be nice and clean.

Could I have oil leaking into the coolant? Would that cause the coolant to go cloudy? I know when I dumped the old stuff out last year it wasn't too bad for clarity but after letting it sit in the jug for a couple of months in the corner there was a thin layer of oil sitting on the top. I assumed it was residual oil left in the jug but now I'm not sure.

I know the oil seemed OK when changed it yesterday and I haven't had to add any to it yet.

Could it be there was just sediment in the bottom of the system and the fresh coolant loosened that up and that's what's causing the cloudiness?

Note that the tester showed the coolant was still good as it was beyond the -30 degrees Celcius mark.

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