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Clinton Motor

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I know nothing about this engine exept it is a Clinton horizontal shaft single cylinder 2 cylce engine. I found this motor in a barn with no spark plug and a cylinder full of dirt. I got as much dirt as I could out of the cylinder and put a sparkplug in so it don't get any more dirt in it. The motor turns and looks fixable. There is a big rust hole in the shroud and muffler. Is this motor valuble or rare or anything?

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I would guess YES,because in all the years I've fooled with small engines (at least 45!),I've NEVER seen a 2 stroke Clinton!...some 4 strokes yes,but no 2 strokes...maybe they just weren't popular around here,but its not all that common to see even 4 stroke Clintons around much anymore here..

I had a few old "Power Products" 2 strokes I wish I hung onto now...they were cool looking ,sweet running engines,and are very collectible nowadays..back when I found the ones I had on old push mowers,they were in the trash on the curb!..:eek:
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It could be an A 400 or an A 490, which had better bearings in it. The real deal was the high-performance E65.
Looks a lot like the little Clintons and Power Products engines we used to use on hay elevators and grain augers. Those would typically have a spark arrestor muffler on them. Those things would get abused year after year and just keep on running. We mixed the gas extra rich with oil and wired the throttle open at quite a bit above the governed speed to be able to move more hay.

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Does anybody know what this motor might be worth?
I restored one of those about 3 years ago, neat little engines, where I worked we found a box of NOS parts, including a piston, wrist pin, rings, rod, seals, gaskets, points, condensor, coil, bearings, carb we totally tricked it out, rebuilt it from the ground up. For a muffler it had an aluminum baffle with slits in the end. Started on 1 pull..ran great. Makes about 2 horses...haha, and is limited to about 3600 rpms.

Rare...I guess it depends, Ive seen 3-4 of them, they are not a desirable engine except to a clinton collector, due to the inability to get parts, and lack of real power. Pretty sure mine was purpose built for a Gokart. Value...I was only able to get 150 out of mine, totally restored and rebuilt...just no demand for them.
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Also, it would be to your benefit to remove the cylinder and clean every bit of debris off the piston and rings...if the cylinder scores...she is a boat anchor.
There is a demand on E-bay for vintage gocart restore engines.
here is some info on the engine
serial # 1931577
model # A400 1000 E
exerpt from...

"Nearly a year after the sport's introduc*tion the Clinton Engine Company came to the rescue with an economical, suffi*ciently powerful two-stroke that would propel a kart more than adequately. Best of all, the engine was available in any quantity - and the Clinton A400 thus be*came the accepted standard engine for karts, and it enjoys that reputation today."
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