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Cleaning points on a Briggs 3.5?

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Anyone walk me through this a bit?

Pulled out one of my mowers that hasn't been run in 3+ years and found there's no spark. Guessing the points need cleaned, but I have no idea how to go about doing it.

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How old is the mower/engine. If it is newer than 1982 (that is 31 year ago) it is probably electronic ignition. If it is still points I would just replace the coil with a Briggs Magnetron coil (electronic ignition) and you will never have to do it again. If you want to play with a points engine you need to remove the engines flywheel cover. Then remove the flywheel. Then remove the round cover over the points and condenser (one part) and then adjust them to .020. Lastly put all the parts back on. You will need a flywheel puller to get the flywheel off or there is a good chance you will break it. Roger
It's an old mower, I believe late 70's. It's a vertical pull engine.
I can send you a Service Manual which should cover your engne IF you like, address below, put in proper format and remind me what it is you want.

Walt Conner
wconner5 at frontier dot com
There are also some good videos on youtube about this job. Not too bad except for getting the flywheel off.
The points box is under the flywheel. Getting the flywheel off is the worst, you have to do it right or you might mess up the motor! Good luck!

Leave the BIG hammer in the tool box.
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