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Cleaned up the 318 before winter...

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Well, I gave my 318 a bath and a fresh coat of wax this weekend, and since everyone likes pics, they are below. Yes, that is original paint, and original seat with date sticker under the cushion. Enjoy!!!

What it looked like when I bought it...

After a bath and coat of wax...

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Very nice. Thanks for the pics. BTW, Nice lawn!
Oh man, I really need to put a coat of wax on my 185, and buy it a new seat, after seeing your beautiful 318 and its seat, the yellow duct tape on my 185's seat just isn't cutting it. Thanks for posting the pics.
WOW!What a looker!!! :fing32:
Very nice looking 318!! Much cleaner than mine right now!
Looking Good Yours is in Grill Emblem shape and the seat looks great and keeps it fresh.
The 318 is still a beautiful working and looking machine!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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