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Chutemaster chute blocker review

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Hello I just bought a new to me Zero turn mower, a 2006 Wildcat with a 52" cutting deck. I needed a chute blocker and it needed to be a well made one. I went hunting on line ended up on E bay and found a nicely made one. It only attached using 3 mounting location. I wanted a bolt on not one that you have to drill the holes yourself. Reason being you have to be dead on with the holes you drill, if not it won't seal correctly. Here's link for the one I bought.

I received and installed it in about a hour, would have been less time if it wasn't for two bolts I needed to remove, they were rusty. But once they were removed it was a easy installation. It comes powder coated Scag gold, look orange to me. I have the optional head lights on the mower, the handle cleared the head light.

One thing that nice about the chute door operating handle is that tucked in close to the mower so it out of harms way. I have mowed about 8 lawns with this chute blocker and after mulching up the leaves and or grass. I just need to make one more pass with the chute opened and blow away the crumbs that fall out at the bottom of the chute blocker when closed.

Now I'm not using mulching blades yet. Just using the OEM medium lift blades that the mower came with. They work perfectly fine for now. When I'm done mowing my lawns they look like they all have been bagged, I've had passers by tell me nice job, nice to get a pat on the back once in a while.

So if you have a Scag mower even a walk behind with the following deck sizes and either a Advantage or Velocity deck this chute blocker will work for your mower. They are 61” Velocity, 61” Advantage, 52” Velocity, 52" Velocity for Turf Tiger and 48” Advantage, 48” Velocity decks used on the walk behinds.