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Not sure what to call it but its basically a cultipacker with blades on it. Its used to clean pine rows or whatever you want run over and chopped up. We are using it to expand food plots and shooting lanes. It has wheels on it so you can flip it over and haul it easily behind atv or tractor. Anyways the wheels that are on it we destroyed after one trip into the woods yesterday so i need to figure out something different. I will post pics when i get home.
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Finally got some pictures.

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Interesting. Perhaps a solid, one piece axle?
TSC did have their 14" wheelbarrow wheels on sale for $13 or $14, but I think the sale has ended. I think they are normally $20 each. I've got a pair of them that I use to lift a 48" chisel plow that weighs well over 100 lbs and they seem to do pretty good for that.
Those look like the pneumatic harbor freight split rim tires that I've put on yard carts and other such things. They are junk for anything powered.

If I were you I would switch to a solid or semi-pneumatic tire and a solid axle.
I'm curious how well this thing works, and about how much it weighs. Something like this seems like it would be usefull for maintaining small trails. I'm mainly wanting to keep the weeds, briars, thorns, and small saplings down so that it's easy enough to walk down the trail on foot.

I'm pretty lucky in that the land owner(s) generally does a good job of keeping the lanes mowed, but I have a few trails that I cut that are just barely big enough for my ATV to get through. I use them mostly for walking too and from my stands taking a quicker, more direct route. Keeps me from running the deer out as much on my way to the stand, and it cuts a 3 mile round trip down to 2 miles or less... Right now I generally take a weed wacker out along with 50 gal of 2cycle and 900 feet of trimmer line and spend most of an evening cussing while I continually untangle the vines from around the power head.... I think I have most of what I would need to build a chopper like yours and the minimal investment in resources would quickly pay for itself it it worked well.
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I haven't had time to mess with it archery season just opened last weekend and i have been spending all my free time in my stands.

Its fairly heavy and was told it worked well i replaced the wheels and busted them the first time out so i really haven't had a change to use it. I plan i using it to keep trails in check and enlarging food plots and cleaning new ones.
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How about just using this!?? :dunno:

If that is too big, so small,,,,,,,

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CADplans send them down my way i could find a use for them.
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