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China Diesel valve clearance needed

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Hi all you nice people of the forum, Im in need of the settings to gap the valves on a R175N china diesel that I just did major work on without a manual and if someone can help me with the gap clearance for the valves I would be forever thankful, for thoughs that don't know these engines this is a 6 hp water cooled single cylinder engine built in china. Please help if you can.

Thanks for your time
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I cant tell you specifics, but I can tell you that from working in China at the engine companys, they will emulate an engine and all settings that are relevant to them.

So for example if the diesel engine is a perkins clone, set it to what a perkins valve setting would be.

Does this all make sense.

I have no experience with the Chinese Diesel engines with the exception of the Kuboto Clone i have on a genset in my motorhome.

Chinese Gas engines on the other hand.... Been there done that!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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