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Chemistry Experiment (not mine!)

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In a plastic bottle, really?
I've carried LN is a thermos bottle on a plane. It's safe as long as it's kept cool and confined. Our idiot puts it in a plastic bottle that will be very brittle at -321F, then dandles it with thin gloves He's damned lucky he didn't loose some fingers.
hopefuly one or both are not in school and receiving public funds for being there. Where is the instructor to warn and (with any luck) prevent them from such foolishness
Make sure to have your speakers turned up when you watch the video. the audio is pretty low. :trink40:
Wow. Very dumb, they're lucky they weren't hurt.

Even dry ice (frozen CO2) will explode a sealed bottle, especially if you put some water in there with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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