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Cheery fire

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We finally got around to using some of the wood I cut and split at the end of 2017. We don’t use the fireplace all that often, but with this being a playoff weekend I thought it would add a bit of warmth to the front room (my wife is the football fan). Note: it was 17°F here this morning where last January 13th it was 61°F!

We went through a lot of the fallen hickory, and a few pieces of choke cherry from a downed tree this past Spring. The hickory burned well; the cherry could have seasoned longer. In the end, though, it was all ashes ;o)

Brickwork Art

Some of the wood that was bucked, and my Homelite splitter
Wood Wheel
Vehicle Tree Outdoor power equipment

Wood cleared from my 2018 garden project. This will get bucked and split for next winter. There are plenty more scrubby trees and standing deadwood available as I try to reclaim overgrown areas.
Tree Nature reserve Plant Trunk Branch

Here are additional photos from the cutting:
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Nothing like a good fire in the fireplace in winter!
Nothing like a good fire in the fireplace in winter!
There’s a primal feeling to it, and it brings back childhood memories of watching the same long ago. I remember lying on a bearskin blanket in front of a fireplace when we lived in New Hampshire.

That wood warms you up about 7 times
Maybe 8... I had to move some of it a couple of times when bringing it closer to the house :D
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