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Cheap power steering slop fix

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I had quite a bit of play in the steering on my 430. The main culprit was the worn end of the power steering cylinder. I have read on here that the ends are the same as the top link for a cat 0 hitch, 5/8" bore. The only place I could find cat 0 top links were tractor supply and they are just under $30. That's not too bad considering you get 2 usable ends. After some more digging I found that A I products, which is a big distributor of tractor parts sells weld on cat 0 ball sockets for under $6 each. The part # from A I is bs-01. I had my dealer order me 2 and this past weekend I welded up the new end on the original cylinder and it works great. This should work on all of the Deere models with the steering cylinders that have those ends. There was some play in the tie rod ends, but that wasn't nearly as bad as the cylinder. Im going to replace the tie rod ends just to be safe, after all they are they are almost 30 years old.
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You may also want to make sure that the axle bolts that control the movement of the axle are adjusted properly. As the axle moves back and forth it will change direction of the tractor just about as much as the worn end.
That is a good source for the ends. Thanks for the heads up.
I did adjust the right side bolt in the front axle, there was some slop there. The left side bolt is seized as tight as can be. I didn't want to snap the bolt trying to get it loose so I made a shim up and tacked it to the head of the bolt until I can get that bolt out. That did make a difference. I did replace the tie rod ends as well yesterday and am glad I did. One side came apart while I was removing the end so I was on borrowed time. All 3 of those things tightened up everything as good as new. Again, most of my slop was in the cylinder though, but that was the cheapest fix. As long as you can weld it yourself.
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