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Cheap electronic ignition

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Anyone try the Ford or Chevy TFI or HEI module for a cheap electronic ignition?Easy, and it produces a great spark. has the details.My spark gap I increased to .050 thousands and it runs fine.Seems to scavenge all the power my K241 can produce.Next I will try a standard Ford e-core TFI coil for the heck of it.
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I might add, for a sure connection I cut the plastic case back to expose the tfi 6 pin side connectors and directly soldered the wires to the pins.I mounted it to an old computer heat sink (using thermal paste) and bolted it to the inside,left of the ammeter. Ran it 3 hrs and not a hiccup.
I installed several Delta Mark Ten capacitive discharge systems on automobiles in the 1970's. These work well on the Onan twins with automotive type ignition systems. I bought one off of Ebay and put it on my 646 last week. It provides a spark that will jump 1/2 an inch. I would think this would also work on a Kohler that was not a magneto.
Geno can you give details on how you did that conversion. Can both of you throw some pictures at us? Thanks
If you look at the provided link it pretty much explains everything including the pinouts on the TFI module.The crucial thing is to mount the module on a heat sink or it will not last long.Ford made a module that was designed as a stand alone unit to be mounted away from the distributor(closed bowl), if you got one of these from a junkyard with the wiring harness,heat sink, and about 2 feet of wire to go with it would be easiest.Make sure to get a grey, not a black module .I believe the pinouts are the same for the distributor mount and the remote mount. I will add, the pointsaver sold at Kirk Engines looks pretty good for a great price though I dont know if it has the same spark energy.I used the TFI parts as I have several spares laying around.I used a TFI (E-core) coil with this setup and the voltage looks quite lethal.Make sure to disconnect the condenser as it is not needed with the TFI.I noticed no more arcing at all from the points (visually) which looks very encouraging.Only problem now is adjusting the carburetor as it continues to run no matter where you turn the high speed screw!
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