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Cheap cub cadet build questions.

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Now that I have the 1250 all good to go working wise, I want a new project. we have a cub boneyard a few towns over that has many shells of tractors past.

I would love to pick up a old cub that uses a horizontal shaft engine for easy hookup. Keep it simple to just be the workhorse of the bunch.

The question is how many horsepower should I shoot for? I have what I believe is a 6-8hp in the shed that I could swap out easily.

Anybody think this is going to be enough to push some snow if I was all weighed down?

I just like the idea of making an old workhorse out of stuff I already have besides the body.

thanks for the advice.
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I prefer a 10-16hp engine myself on a workhorse that'll push/blow snow. Thinking about it, I am of that opinion only because I've never had an opportunity to use a lesser engined tractor equipped with a plow or blower. I really don't see why a 6-8hp tractor with loaded tires and chains wouldn't be able to do the job as long as it can run the PTO at the required rpm (for a blower) and still move the machine (for the plow). I think you could do a good build with an old frame and your motor as long as your expectations are realistic.
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I think I would keep it small. Get a small framed tractor and a small plow or blower.
for a plow, small motor is fine

for a blower, depending on the amount of snow Bigger motor is better
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