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charging issues

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seems that my 990 is having charging issues if i charge the battery up it runs fine lights work etc but after a while running i have to put it on the charger i can see the lights brighten and dim as they should when i increase decrease rpms so am i looking at the voltage regulator or something else that causes this issue:banghead3 im sure its something totally stupid that ive overlooked:fing20: any help would be appreciated thanks
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One thing to look at is the connections to the starter/generator both external and internal. Clean everthing that forms a electrical contact. sand the comutator check the brushes. The starter/generator has 2 windings one to start the other to generate the power to charge the battery. I had trouble starting my 990 and I did this and it now works great. Unless you need brushes it can be a cheap fix if this is your problem.
been looking at it and im unsure of which type i have the starter gen or the alternator type there are some things about this tractor that make me wonder if i have the yr right maybe the dash is not original i dont know but since there are two types of charging system id like to be sure i have the one im tyring to fix before i take it apart any help would be appreciated
If yours is indeed a 1972, then it has a starter/generator. Do you have three lug nots on your front wheels? The manual you pulled down is likely the 142-990A (which happens to cover the 1972 and 1982 models.

As Blacksmithman said, you probably have poor connections.
ok looks like figure 36 of the 142 990 manual linked in main mtd forum sorry cant do pic right this moment but am i correct in assuming that the part i need to get to is in the front of the engine under the cover not the starter motor itself ps got camera working so heres close ups
dunno why first set of pics didnt go hope this one works
lol ok now it does so no lugs in front


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