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Charger v7 info

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I want info for this tractor 7hp and automatic what year...what engine original kolher or tecumseh... it is a good tractor or what is look in good shape and the mower deck to it is possible put the snow blower or blade on this tractor thanks for your help:thanku:
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Ok for the motor is the techumseh model v70 i have a hitch plate whith two bushing on two side is for what it is a lift system
I have the 69, Charger V-8. It came with a snow plow. However, the plow seems
unique to this tractor or few like it. I have never used the plow, but I have cut grass
with the tractor......does real well. I also have a spare tranny for it.

And it is for sale currently (I have too many)

Mine has the vertical 8hp. kohler.
Thanks do you a picture for the blade on tractor appreciate.I do the freshing up job on this tractor i want build a blade for you have a 3pts or lifting system in rear.Merci!:thanku:
The 1969 Charger V7 is model number 1-7741 and uses Tecumseh V70-125061.
The 1970 Charger V7 is model number 1-7751 and uses Tecumseh V70-125119.

For info on these go to
and enter the model number.
An attachment list shows what the attachments are and clicking on a model number should bring up the illustrated parts list.

Let us know which tractor you have - there may be more for it.

Garry - next door in Ontario
There is no lift system for my tractor. The tranny (or my tranny at least) does not
have any mounting holes for hanging any kind of lift system. That is not to say that
one was available or could be fabricated in some manner.
I do not have any pictures of the blade on the tractor. The blade has ability to angle
(same as a standard blade), but was not designed to do so, from the seat. It has a
small handle to pull the pin and manually angle the blade. The blade has two arms that
attach to either the holes in the frame or the atach-a-matic (not sure.....never mounted
it before). It has a "lift bar" (similar to wheel horse snowblower) to raise and lower
the blade. I have the manuals for it. I will try to find them and see if there are some
illustrations there.
Merci beaucoup appreciate:howdy:
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