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changing the oil in the hydro

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i've got a 1979 ht-23. looking at changing the oil in the hydro. what should i use if i cannot find the mobil 423 or texaco that the manual calls for?
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i do know it does not have atf in there now
I use the Premium (or Renew) Universal Tractor Fluid from TSC with a napa 1410 filter in mine. Did many hours of research and found that you can use something more expensive if you prefer, but the spec's are the same. Another choice at a higher price is the Mystik JT5
We use TSC oil in our hydros as well, in the Eaton 11, [as in the HT 23] and the Eaton 12, my two cents.
well just got back from town with bag of goodies. for the 2389 my hastings book calls out a LF134 for the oil filter, LF142 for the hydro filter. napa is not open on sundays so off to autozone i went. the LF134 crossed over to a fram PH3600, the LF142 crossed over to a fram PH16. from what i've read the PH16 is a 20 micron filter so that should be good till this spring or early summer when i change it again as it has been a while since i've changed the filters. i also bought some universal tractor fluid that said something about hy-guard jd20. i'm going out on a limb here and assume that is just a 20 weight oil? i've not gone out yet but i'm thinking the PH16 might be shorter than the one i have on there now, but like i said it's been a while since i was under there. wish me luck. heading out there now to start draining.
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Hydro fluid change interval is normally at 200-300 hours and filtration requirements are 20 micron.

JD20 Hy-guard and Hy-guard Lo-vis are acceptable, as is motor oil and ATF.
I would check on the proper hydro filter number from bolens. The filter you have has a bypass valve in it. Don’t know about the ht tractors, but I have a 5019h eliminator with the eaton 11, and bolens specifies a non bypass filter. that way if the filter gets dirty, you will notice a reduction in performance and the dirty oil is not bypassed around the filter to the hydro. The napa 1410 filter is probably the right one as it does not have a bypass valve. That is the one I use also.
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