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changing oil in K46 transaxle...

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I'm trying to change the oil in my K46HD transaxle, but I'm having trouble locating the fill hole.

I've looked at the diagrams on the Tuff Torq website, and there are two possibilities: One is called a "vent", which has a rubber plug with a hole and a black cap. The other has a metal cap, and the diagrams show a magnet and magnet-holder underneath.

Which one is the correct one to open in order to drain/replace the oil?

Does it just pry off?

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for the help!

I just replaced my oil this weekend in my K46.

The 'vent', with a rubber cap and plug is where you want to go.

The vent is actually in 2 parts. a 'cap' and a 'plug'.

The cap pulls off the plug and then the plug can be taken out.

I first thought when taking it out that I was destroying the cap because it looked initially like a single piece that was tearing when I took it out. Once the cap was offf then you can remove the plug. When the plug was out I had to put the cap back on the plug it and it took some 'fiddling' to do so.

I measured what I took out and got 2.25 quarts out of mine.

I put synthetic back in, Now I can do 'wheelies'. :thThumbsU (at least it did when I did the power starts/stops to purget the air)

I replaced mine at 75 hours, mainly because the L130 sat for over 2 years in a garage and I was wondering if I was getting moisture in it from sitting and doing nothing
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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