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changing oil in K46 transaxle...

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I'm trying to change the oil in my K46HD transaxle, but I'm having trouble locating the fill hole.

I've looked at the diagrams on the Tuff Torq website, and there are two possibilities: One is called a "vent", which has a rubber plug with a hole and a black cap. The other has a metal cap, and the diagrams show a magnet and magnet-holder underneath.

Which one is the correct one to open in order to drain/replace the oil?

Does it just pry off?

Thanks for the help!

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For whatever it's worth. I emailed TT with questions regarding oil change in my K58. They told me the to fill through vent cap too. Said it would be slow going though because fluid had to fill one chamber before it would overflow to next. Just be sure of how much you take out so you know how much to put back.
did they say what oil to put back in it.i used to know but as i get older i seem to forget?:fing20:
Maybe they should pay the extra few bucks for the oil and draing plugs then pass this on to the customer at twice that and double their money. When you are up in the 3 -4k range on a mower, most people would gladly pay and extra $10.00 for these convienences that will extend teh life of their tractor. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid and extra $100.00 to have a serviceable trans even on a LAWN tractor even on the k58.
i tore off pan on 4 transaxles and it would be very easy to put a drain in bottom of pan .all that is needed is a self tapping screw with gasket on it.i actually did this on my sears mower without taking pan off but i did not like idea i may have left a shaving in the pan from the drilling .best way would be to remove pan and drill hole.
i think the sealant was on pan and came off easy.what kind of plugs are you getting and where are locations they want them installed.
i think mine is k46 or below.its LA145 .removing the hydro is not hard as said above,then turning upside down to gets almost all oil out where the hose down vent would get about 90% of oil out.i dont think the tranny oil needs changed yearly, i would say about 3 yrs would be a good time but just my taking the tranny out may not be a big thing if not done yearly.

if done yearly, i think i would put a plug or my idea a self tapping screw with only worry with any kind of plug in bottom is HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE SMALL LEAK?there is no dipstick to check oil daily or monthly etc.that i would worry about.

so i guess i am back to the hose down vent or removing the tranny and turning upside down to drain.i am leaning towards idea of REMOVING IT AND TURNING UPSIDE DOWN EVERY 3 YEARS.this would get all fluid out and easy to get fluid back in.i like hose idea also but its going to leave some in there but i dont think it would hurt anything.of all the hydros i removed and repaired not 1 had dirty oil,oil was nice and clear and hydros were about 7 years old.

chance of having leak on bottom and no way to check oil daily could be a big problem if it did leak while cutting of now i think that is something i would avoid.too expensive to take a chance.:fing20:
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