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changing oil in K46 transaxle...

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I'm trying to change the oil in my K46HD transaxle, but I'm having trouble locating the fill hole.

I've looked at the diagrams on the Tuff Torq website, and there are two possibilities: One is called a "vent", which has a rubber plug with a hole and a black cap. The other has a metal cap, and the diagrams show a magnet and magnet-holder underneath.

Which one is the correct one to open in order to drain/replace the oil?

Does it just pry off?

Thanks for the help!

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Given the volume of tractors sold that can add to a significant amount of money.
This is true but I think that the guys who maintain their own equipment would have no problem paying more in order to service the tranny. Changing the tranny oil would most likely be done once a year or every 100 hours or so as part of a regular maintenance routine. Imagine how many "my K46 tranny is toast" posts would be eliminated by this simple solution. Then again, the tractor manufacturers would not be able to sell as many tractors either so it probably will never happen. :fing20:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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