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Changing Jim Dandy Front Wheels

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Friend of mine just got a 74 JD. He wants to put taller wheels on the front. Will Power King hubs fit the JD spindles or does he need to change the spindles too?
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I believe the dandy spindles are longer, much like those on a 24XX. It might put the front higher then he wants if that's the case.
I should have said will the PK hubs fit on the JD shaft, the part where the bearings ride. not the spindle. Or will PK shafts and hubs fit the JD spindle.
I just found my PK manual. The shafts, brgs. and, seals are the same part # between the JD and PK. So it looks like they will work.:fing32:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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